Funding educational grants in Port Washington schools since 2001

Our Mission: The Ed. Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, community-based organization. The purpose of the Foundation is to support initiatives that are beyond basic educational needs and to enhance and expand educational opportunities for all students in the Port Washington public school district. The Foundation actively seeks donations, grants and government funds in order to distribute funds to selected programs and resources.

Enhancing Our Children’s Education

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The Ed. Foundation: Opportunity Delivered.

The History of The Ed. Foundation

In 2002, community advocate Amy Bass assembled a group of volunteers to form an education foundation with the goal of making a difference in the experience of students in Port Washington. The following spring, the PWEF awarded its first grants, totaling $20,329, to fund 18 projects ranging from an oral history study at Schreiber to math literacy workshops at the elementary schools. Since then, hundreds of grants have been awarded in every school, at every grade level, in every subject area, totaling well over 1.5 million dollars.

A marketing effort in the spring of 2015 rebranded the PWEF as The Ed. Foundation with a new name, new logo, and a new look. While the Foundation has grown tremendously, the mission remains the same: supporting initiatives beyond basic educational needs and enhancing educational opportunities for all students in the Port Washington public school district.

Board of Directors

  • Sue Hershkowitz


  • Lauren Edwards

    Executive Vice President

  • Meredith Steigman

    Vice President Development

  • Sara Raber

    Vice President Marketing & Communications

  • Dardana Geller & Julie Kozinn

    Vice President Support Center

  • Michelle Duran

    Vice President Strategic Planning

  • Valerie Taylor

    Vice President Grants

  • Stephanie Greenberg

    Assistant VP Grants

  • Larry Feinblum


  • Robert Kleinman

    Assistant Treasurer

  • Kim Nauer

    Recording Secretary

  • Katharine Ullman

    Corresponding Secretary

  • Amy G. Bass

    President Emerita

Nikos Andreadis
Ilana Engel
Ellen Fox
Renee Laffer

Mat Lanfant
Ryan Lefton
Jaimee Loewy
Jill Manczyk

Robin McDermott
Ann Mergler
Elaine Sands
Mara Silverstein

Karen Sloan
Laura Sweeney
Paula Whitman
Tracy Widolok

Advisory Board

Owen Costello
Sara Edelson
Nicole Eskanazy
Beth Eule

Doreen Gamell
Lorraine Gropper
Bridgette Hirsch
William Keller

Kelley Keyes
Amanda Khalil
Amy Levinson
Matt Melkonian

Laura Mogul
Roy Nelson, MD
Jean-Marie Posner

Claudia Rouhana
Suresh Sani
Cathy Seldin

Junior Board


Junior Board 2022–2023

  • Camryn Neches & Sam Rothenberg


  • Layla Hershkowitz & Sam Feldman & Ezra Loewy

    Executive Vice Presidents

  • Gabe Furstenberg & Ben Gordon

    Vice Presidents, Development

  • Gillian Lefcourt & Taylor Schorr

    Vice Presidents, Grants

  • Jai Dhillon & Holly Sternlicht

    Vice Presidents, Marketing & Publicity

  • Harrison Roth & Devin Spizz

    Vice Presidents, Strategic Planning

  • Jessie Feinstein & Ben Chodosch

    Vice President, The Ed. Foundation Support Center 

  • Savannah Aarons

    Recording Secretaries

Hudson Aarons

Jake Eskanazy

Olivia Gade

Juliet Feinblum

Evan Friedman-Ogino

Andrew Krefetz

Alexis Levine

Jordy Levine

Addyson Rejwan

Cole Reyes

Jack Rothenberg

Ryan Shanahan

Aidan Spizz

Morgan Stone